Saturday, March 24, 2007


Japanese black pine tree seedlings {Pinus thunbergii} Japan.

Field of Sunflowers {Helianthus annuus}.

Kitten sitting between two golden retriever puppies and Kitten.

Panoramic views of tree avenue in summer, France.

Child walking through field full of Common Poppies (papaner rhoeas), Gloucestershire, England, UK.

Roe deer fawn {Capreolus capreolus} amongst corn plants, Germany.

Swallowtail butterfly {Papilio machaon} on Lilac plant.

Cosmos flowers, Japan.

Siberian chipmunk / Striped squirrel feeding on cherry {Tamias sibiricus} Japan.

Apple tree (Malus sylvestris) in blossom. Germany

Dawn over Loch Morlich, Cairngorms NP. Scotland.

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Field of Sunflowers

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